Strengthening Women, Children and Communities




I am a 22 year old Aboriginal female. I found the workshops very informative and I felt like I learnt a lot and it really opened my eyes because I had witnessed a lot of domestic violence growing up. it is nice to go to a workshop surrounded by women who have shared the same past. I found it helpful and I felt like I identified with the facilitators. It is a very warm accepting environment which made it easy for me to open up and share. I have already recommended it to many of my friends to go as I think it will help them like it helped me. - Anonymous Brisbane

I am a 36 year old woman, single mother of 7 children, I grew up all across Brisbane. I had my first child at 20. With my past relationships I realised that I was in a lot of domestic violence. I didn’t realise this until later in life when I had more then one child. Then I came to Strong Women Talking workshops. I been to plenty of workshops most of them are so plain boring and you bring up memories that you just want to forget about it. I always left domestic violence workshops feeling like crap and thinking of the past. But not with this workshop, I left happy. Not thinking about the past and thought about the future. What a good future without domestic violence can look like. Leaving with hope. 

I really liked how we danced around the table when we felt tension bringing up the past, It felt good to shake it off and giggle. Other workshops you don’t have that. I felt so comfortable. That was my favourite part. I was feeling heavy after realising the cycle I was in and witnessed as a child. It made me think and brought up a lot of trauma from past relationships. I felt angry at myself letting him do it. But through the workshops I could laugh. I realised I don’t have to dwell on it and look to the future. I loved the art therapy session that was one of my favourite bits too. It was good to share my values, I liked that too, I felt someone was really listening and the facilitators I could relate to. - Anonymous Brisbane